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02-03 February 2018

Berlin, Germany

Conference venue

Titanic Chaussee Berlin
Chausseestrasse 30
10115 Berlin


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How to get there

The nearest airport is: Tegel Airport

The airport is located approximately 12 Km or 30 minutes from the city centre.

The conference venue is approximately 25 minutes away via public transport and 20 minutes by car.


The international airport is: Berlin-Schönefeld

The airport is located approximately 22 Km or 40 minutes from the city centre.

The conference venue is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes away via public transport and 45 minutes by car.

The city is very well connected and offers many travel options to the venue.

The venue is located nearest to the following stops

  • Bus stop name: Scharnhorststrasse/Habersaathstrasse
  • Metro stop name: Naturkundemuseum
  • City-train stop name: Nordbahnhof
  • Tram stop name: Invalidenpark

To plan your journey go to the city’s public transport website.

If you come to the venue by car,  a fee-parking is available.

Only low-emission vehicles are allowed into Berlin’s environmental zone in order to reduce air pollution caused by diesel soot (particulate matter) and nitrogen oxides. These vehicles must be identified by a green sticker. Vehicles with high pollutant emissions are not permitted to drive or park within the low emission zone.
The environmental zone covers the centre of Berlin inside the S-Bahn ring (“Großer Hundekopf”). A green sticker is required in order to drive within the environmental zone.

For more information, visit website.

Safety & security

Please do not leave personal belongings, bags or suitcases unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the session halls.


Please check with your local embassy before leaving wether or not you will need a Visa to enter the country. As the Visa application process may be time consuming, it is recommended to apply as early as possible.

About Berlin

For information on Berlin please visit 

The currency used in Berlin is the Euro-EUR.

Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, bureau de change and automatic currency exchange machines.

The currency used by EASL for this event is the EURO.

The official language of the conference is English.