Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou

Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou (MD, PhD) is a clinical specialist in Hepatology with a PhD in vascular biology (2011). He is Professor of Hepatology at the University of Paris-Diderot and Hôpital Beaujon (Clichy, France) since 2016. He is the head of the splanchnic hemodynamic laboratory at Beaujon Hospital (Clichy, France) since 2012 and of an INSERM basic research team (Paris Research Center on Inflammation).

Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou
University of Paris-Diderot and Hôpital Beaujon (Clichy, France)



His research is focused on the role of vessels in liver diseases. Specifically, he is interested in primary vascular liver diseases (Budd-Chiari syndrome, portal vein thrombosis and portosinusoidal vascular disease), as well as in vascular involvement in common liver diseases development and complications."

Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Hepatology, J HEP Reports, Hepatology and of Clinical Science. He became member of the EASL young investigator concerted action group in 2013 and was its representative in 2014. He is vice secretary of the vascular liver disease interest group (VALDIG).