EASL Young Investigators Task Force (YI Task Force)


EASL Young Investigators Task Force


EASL Governing Board representative: Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, France

Sabela Lens, Spain

Jean-Charles Nault, France

Salvatore Piano, Italy

Espen Melum, Norway

The YI Task Force advises the EASL Governing Board on specific educational initiatives for young hepatologists. The group organises different activities during The International Liver Congress™ such as the:

YI Seminar

  • The YI seminar deals with topics of particular interest for YIs that are not covered by other sessions at the International Liver Congress™

YI Sessions at the EASL Share at the Community Hub

  • The sessions aim at addressing practical questions that YIs have. Invited presented are part of the EASL Community willing to share their experience and expertise of a specific topic in an informal environment.
  • YI Social Activities
  • YI social events generally occur on Thursday evening during the International Liver Congress™. This is a great opportunity for networking and interaction with other YIs. Pre-registration for the social events is required.
  • YI Award
  • The YI Task Force is reviewing the applications received for the YI Award recognizing two YIs based on their international liver research achievements.

Who are the EASL Young Investigators?

Young Investigators is a group of EASL Ambassadors under the age of 35 in training with active EASL Membership.

The task force aims to:

  • Promote EASL activities for YIs
  • Build an active and dynamic community of YIs involved in EASL activities
  • Promote and facilitate discussion and exchange of information via EASL online forums and at EASL events
  • Host an exclusive social networking event during the International Liver Congress™ solely for YIs
  • Create an online network of friends via the EASL Facebook page
  • Encourage other YIs to become EASL members and join the EASL Community

When and where does the YI Task Force meet?

The group meets twice a year: once at the International Liver Congress™ and at the EASL Offices in order to plan and organise activities.

If you would like further details about the YI Task Force or wish to ask a question, please contact us via yi@easloffice.eu