The aim of this programme is to offer training courses in basic research relevant to hepatology, the ultimate goal being to improve the quality of basic research by disseminating knowledge in units run by investigators who are members of EASL.

The Basic School of Hepatology consists of:

  • one-to-two day courses hosted in a centralized venue.
  • interactive lectures on scientific methods and technologies related to a particular topic. (Attendees can ask to discuss specific problems).
  • limited attendance from 30-40 individuals who should be currently involved in research in a field relevant to the course.

The course is especially targeted at MD/PhD students and post-doctoral fellows with a particular interest in hepatology. EASL organizes 1 Basic School of Hepatology at the begining of every year, usually in January or February.

Application Guidelines


Only EASL members may apply for EASL schools.

Accepted participants will receive accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis covered for 2 nights. In addition, their travel expenses will be covered by EASL.

Online Application Instructions
Please prepare the following information:

  • Full name of applicant
  • Full contact details of applicant: address, telephone, fax, email
  • Participation at previous EASL Schools of Hepatology
  • Training
  • Positions (current and past)
  • Research / Clinical Research interest/s
  • List of publications / abstracts
  • Abstracts presented to EASL
  • 2 letters of recommendation (BMP, GIF, JPEG or PDF)
  • A copy of ID with birth date clearly marked (BMP, GIF, JPEG or PDF).
  • EASL Membership number (if applicable)

EASL Membership
Please have your membership number available to complete the application form.

For EASL Membership information, please click here
It is essential to provide all of the requested information for the application to be considered.

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions regarding your application.

We thank our Premium Sponsors for their generous contributions and support of the EASL Schools of Hepatology