EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines

Conflict of interest

Patrizia Burra: has received clinical study support, and sponsored lectures as well as being advisor Astellas, Novartis, Kedrion, Grifols, Biotest, Gilead, Alfe-Wassermann; Andrew Burroughs was a consultant for Norgine. Xavier Forns has received grants and research support from Roche, MSD and Jansen, he has also been a consultant for MSD, Gilead and Jansen as well as completing sponsorsed lectures for Jansen. Paolo Muiesan is a consultant for Novartis. Didier Samuel has received grants or research support from Astellas, Novartis, Roche and LFB, as well as being a consultant or advisor for Astellas, Novartis, Gilead, LFB, Biotest, Roche, BMS and MSD.

Jacques Pirenne, Ivo Graziadei a[199nd Juan Carlos Valdecasas have no conflict of interest to declare.