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Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the liver. Register online or at an EASL booth present at many liver meetings.


Membership Categories

Important Notice

      1. Payment - All payments can be made using a credit card (via Paypal or a credit card payment form), or via bank wire transfer.
      2. Period - Annual EASL membership is entered per calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).
      3. ILC - Those who apply for EASL membership after December 31st will not be entitled to the “EASL members" reduced registration fees to the International Liver Congress™.
      4. Journal - Members paying to receive the paper copies of the Journal of Hepatology will receive their issues 2 months after their renewal or after having received their membership number.
      5. Trainees and Nurses - As a Trainee or Nurse member you be requested to provide a proof of age and trainee/nurse status (e.g. copy of ID and letter from head of department or nurse status from institution).
      6. Patient - No proof of status is needed
      7. Allied Health Professionals (AHP) – as an AHPs member, you be requested to provide a proof of status.  

        • Definition of AHPs:

        Allied health encompasses a broad group of health professionals who use scientific principles and evidence-based practice for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic diseases; promote disease prevention and wellness for optimum health and apply administration and management skills to support health care systems in a variety of settings. (source)

        The following professions (non-exhaustive list) can be included under the Allied Health Professionals category: (Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Clinical psychologists, Imaging specialists, Orthoptists, Occupational therapists, Paramedics, Study coordinators, Laboratory assistants, Physician’s assistants on case management (clinic), Pathology assistants, Assistants of geriatric care, Medical social workers, …)

      8. How:
      • It is possible to become an EASL member and renew your EASL membership all year long.
      • Register online or at an EASL booth present at many liver meetings.
      • The EASL Governing Board oversees all applications.
      • Within a month of your application, you will receive your EASL membership number.


Join EASL and connect with a vast community of experts in Hepatology!

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