EASL Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the liver

In February, 2016, EASL introduced a new membership category specifically for nurses. This special category enables nurses to become full members of The Home of Hepatology and to gain access to all of the EASL Member benefits. Nurse members are also able to attend The International Liver CongressTM on a single-day pass and attend the nurses’ forum.

Join EASL, take part in the 'Home of Hepatology' and play an active role in the most forward thinking and dynamic hepatology community worldwide!

Register online via one of the buttons below or onsite at an EASL booth present at many liver meetings. 

Membership is entered per calendar year (January 1st - December 31st). 


Listen to what Prof. J-F. Dufour has to say about EASL. "Anyone interested in liver disease, who wants to work as a physician or scientist in the field, should take a closer look at EASL ‘The Home of Hepatology’. Being part of the EASL liver community will tremendously boost your career!"



  • If you have an interest in Hepatology – join EASL!
  • You can apply online or onsite at EASL conferences
  • Once membership application is complete, you can go immediately enjoy your membership benefits
  • The EASL Governing Board oversees all applications
  • Within 1 month of your application, you will receive your EASL membership number
  • You will need to provide your membership number to benefit from reduced EASL member fees at all EASL events.


As a Trainee or Nurse member you be requested to provide a proof of age and trainee/nurse status (e.g. copy of ID and letter from head of department or nurse status from institution).


When applying for EASL membership, you will be invited to contribute to the EASL community.

A list of examples explaining how you can commit to support EASL activities will be provided. During the application process you can select one of the commitments below, or alternatively make your own suggestion.

All other contributions are welcome. We need your ideas!

All payments can be made using a credit card (via Paypal or a credit card payment form), or via bank wire transfer.

EASL is a renowned society of clinicians and scientists striving to promote liver research and improve the treatment of liver diseases worldwide. Your membership is essential to develop new initiatives and to accomplish EASL aims.

If you have any questions regarding EASL Membership please contact

Membership Categories

Annual fees include access to the online version of the Journal of Hepatology and all other membership benefits


200 €*


Individuals from non-European countries

200 €*


Up to 35 years old (proof of age and trainee status required)

100 €*


100 €*


Members who have reached the age of 65 and have been EASL members for at least ten years

25 €*

*if you wish to receive printed copies of the Journal of Hepatology you will be charged an additional 50€.




NOTE : Applications for EASL membership made after December 31st will not qualify for “EASL members” reduced registration fees to the International Liver Congress™. No membership number will be attributed between 31st December and The International Liver Congress™ in April.