Scientific Committee Members

Prof. Cecilia Rodrigues

Cecília Rodrigues, PhD received her pharmaceutical degree from University of Lisbon, Portugal in 1992. She completed her PhD training and fellowship in biochemistry and molecular biology at University of Cincinnati, OH, USA, and postdoctoral training at University of Minnesota, MN, USA. She has been a faculty member at University of Lisbon since 1999, being promoted to Professor of Biochemistry in 2009.

Cecília Rodrigues is Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Human Biology, at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal, Director of the FCT R&D Unit Research Institute for Medicines, iMed.ULisboa, and Director of the FCT PhD Program in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Innovation, i3DU.

Prof. Cecilia Rodrigues
Cecília M P. Rodrigues
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto
1649-003 Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: (+351) 217946490

Cecília Rodrigues research is focused on identifying mechanism-based molecular targets for therapeutic intervention, with a focus on signaling and regulation involved in cell death, differentiation and proliferation. She uses experimental models of liver disorders involving inflammation and degeneration, and tests intervention strategies at the preclinical level that may influence disease progression. She has developed bile acids as a group of promising endogenous modulators of cell death/survival, protected by patents and licensed by spin-off pharmaceuticals.

Cecília Rodrigues has authored more than 180 papers, book chapters, and global coverage patents, coordinated more than 20 R&D funded projects, from national and international sources, including Pharma industry, and supervised more than 30 postgraduate students.