Grégoire Pavillon

Grégoire Pavillon joined the not-for-profit sector over 10 years ago when he started working for a professional congress organiser supervising their association management branch in Geneva. He started his professional career as a chef and completed a Bachelor and Masters Degree at the Ecole Hôtelière (Hotel Management School) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He also holds a Masters of Advanced Studies in Non-profit Management from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Throughout his 15 years in the hotel business, Grégoire constantly challenged himself gaining expertise in various departments. He developed skills managing employees and clients to always obtain the right balance and the best results for each party. His expertise covers marketing and communication through to contract negotiation, detailed service oriented skills and general management. Having worked exclusively for 5* institutions, Grégoire gained strong expertise in always finding the most suitable venues and the best deals available with regard to every aspect. In his past and current position, Grégoire has had the pleasure to travel worldwide and has gained a lot of experience in understanding various cultures thanks to the different countries that he has visited.

A natural team leader, Grégoire always manages to obtain the best of his team and knows how to create an innovative and positive working environment for his staff.

Grégoire Pavillon
EASL Office
Executive Director
Rue Daubin, 7
1203 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0) 22 807 03 61
Fax: +41 (0) 22 328 07 24
Email: gregoire.pavillon@easloffice.eu

After 43 years of existence in 2008, the medical association the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) decided to become autonomous and Grégoire was asked the take on the challenge of creating an independent EASL office in Geneva. The office currently consists of 30 full-time employees. In order to constantly keep on track and ensure that his management of the association’s expectations and future, as well as the EASL employees’ evolution is assured, Grégoire invests a considerable amount of energy in providing the best training and educational courses for his team. EASL is now proud to be part of the AC Forum and to own its own premised in Geneva, The Home of Hepatology.

Grégoire is a member of the EASL Governing Board, Secretary at the Swiss Foundation against Liver Cancer, and is on the Board of the AC Forum.