Shaping EASL’s educational future

By EASL March 18,2016

The Governing Board wants your help in shaping EASL’s educational future.

We are making a call for program outline proposals and proposed topics from our membership. In your practice or research have you discovered a topic that you think should be covered by EASL? We strongly encourage you to submit your idea and, if approved, the EASL Governing Board will assist you for its development and presentation.

Program development is a long process so right now EASL is asking for your Monothematic program outlines and School of Hepatology topics for potential presentation in 2018.

Please consider that, in order to maximize and consolidate the return from these key educational events, the EASL Governing Board has approved the following new guidelines:

Monothematic Conferences (Submission Closes June 05)
One of the monothematic conferences each year should favour a pathway toward novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies by fostering interactions between academic researchers, regulatory authorities and biotech and pharma industry.

School of Hepatology Topics (Submission Closes June 05)
Currently Schools are undergoing a format change and following a September 2016 pilot presentation a new format will be adopted.

We don’t want to wait however for your ideas on topics.

If your topic is selected you will be invited to observe the September 2016 pilot that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland and following the adoption of the new format you will be asked to then submit a full program proposal.

For both Monothematic program outlines and School of Hepatology topics the process following your submittal will be the same. Programs and topics will undergo a rigorous review process ending with a decisions in June 2016. If your program or topic is selected you will be asked to refine with a final review in September 2016.

Program outlines and topics must be received no later than June 05, 2016 for consideration in June.

If you have questions or comments please contact Ed Pramuk at

Download the application document

Member Educational Needs Survey
Please complete this survey to assist and inform the EASL Governing Board on what topics or fields members would like to see covered by non-ILC smaller educational events (Monothematic, School of Hepatology).
You may complete the survey here.