Milan Workshop to d-LIVER

By EASL February 25,2015

We are pleased to announce a Showcase Workshop to introduce new technological solutions to improve clinical care and patient quality of life in advanced liver disease. The d-LIVER project, funded by the European Commission FP7 programme, is a consortium of 13 partners across Europe which has developed home monitoring systems for remote patient management and a bio-artificial liver support device.

The home monitoring system will support patients with advanced liver disease using regular patient-led measurements of physiological parameters (including heart rate and blood pressure) and six blood biochemistry tests. An ICT-enabled system allows semi-automated optimisation of therapy with support from specialist clinicians, where required. It is envisaged that this system will allow the earlier detection of decompensation leading to improved clinical outcomes, improved patient quality of life and reduced costs of management.

The bio-artificial liver technology includes identification of a reliable and cost effective source of functional hepatocytes, derived from readily expandable progenitors, to carry out detoxification and other hepatic functions in an acute setting. A three-dimensional bioreactor will provide an environment in which these cells can be supported and monitored during the perfusion of serum from patients undergoing support.

The Workshop is designed to showcase the developed technologies and to learn how these new technologies might fit in to current and future clinical practice. The Workshop will take place on May 27th 2015 at the Humanitas Research Hospital Congress Centre in Milan (Via Manzoni 113, 20089 Rozzano, Milan, Italy - Participation is free of charge but registration is required.

To register please contact us at

A programme for the Workshop will be announced shortly on the d-LIVER website