​€3.3 billion IMI 2 programme to pave the way for next generation treatments, starting with diabetes and eye diseases

By Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) July 09,2014

So far, there is no specific mention of liver disease in the IMI 2 programme, but as this is a really large part of the Horizon 2020 research agenda those with research projects linking liver disease with diabetes or even retinal disease may be interested to read more.

Press Release: BRUSSELS, 9 July 2014

Today, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) enters its second phase with a €3.3 billion budget and the ambitious goal of fast-tracking the development of the next generation of medicines, especially in areas where there is an unmet medical or societal need. The IMI 2 Strategic Research Agenda, which draws heavily on the World Health Organization (WHO) report 'Priority Medicines for Europe and the World', will also place a greater emphasis on speeding up patient access to new medicines. IMI is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). The IMI 2 programme will build on the successes of IMI's first phase (2008-2013), which has delivered breakthroughs in areas as diverse as diabetes, autism, and medicines safety, and will expand the partnership to all players in the health ecosystem...

For full details visit: http://www.imi.europa.eu/content/imi-2-launch-press-release