The Health Directorate of the European Commission has published its workplan for 2014 in its Health for Growth programme on health that will run from 2014 to 2020. Applications for EU funding of up to 80% will be accepted from organisations and institutions based in the EU 28 countries plus Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein. Key priorities for funding will be:

Grants for projects

In 2014, the following actions are identified for funding:

  • Potential of innovation for the prevention and management of major chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases…);
  • Promotion of early diagnosis and screening of preventable chronic diseases;
  • Development of innovative approaches to promote the professional reintegration of people with chronic diseases and improving their employability;
  • Support in areas related to adherence, frailty, integrated care and multi-chronic conditions;
  • Financial support for statistical data in the area of medicinal product pricing in Member States;
  • Sustainable health monitoring and reporting system;
  • Healthcare associated infections via prevention and control in nursing homes and long-term facilities.

Grants for actions co-financed with Member State

In 2014, the following actions are identified for funding:

  • Facilitation of sharing of best practices in the field of nutrition and physical activity;
  • Improvement of HIV and co-infection prevention;
  • Improvement of the situation of people with dementia;
  • Response to highly dangerous and emerging pathogens in the EU;
  • Improved coordination and resource sharing for medical devices;
  • Support to eHealth Network;
  • Support to an EU wide rare diseases information database; and
  • Strengthening the Member States’ capacity of monitoring and control in the field of blood transfusion and tissue and cell transplantation.

For more information on the call for proposals click here.

Applications should be made via the electronic portal on the Health and Consumer Agency. For more information on how to register and apply for funding see: