This project is discontinued in 2019 and no applications are accepted.

EASL Sponsorship

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) receives many requests each year from other organisations asking EASL to sponsor their activities. This document details the conditions and policy under which the EASL name and logo can be used and under which EASL will agree to sponsor an event and offer financial support.


  • Consistently with its educational mission, EASL will financially contribute to excellent scientific meetings organized by other entities.
  • By this mean, EASL intends mostly to support events that would be, by subject or circumstances, otherwise difficult to be realized.
  • The EASL provisional budget will include a specific expense item. The amount devoted to this item varies over the years, according to the overall financial resources available and based on strategic and scientific priorities. Once fixed, this amount should represent the maximal allowance that cannot be exceeded.

Limitations /eligibility criteria

  • Only meetings dedicated to Hepatology or related specialties are entitled to be sponsored.
  • The sponsorship should aim to synergies in basic science.
  • The meeting Organizer(s) should be EASL Member(s).
  • The meeting venue should be located in Europe.
  • The event should take place in a location different from the organizer(s) location.
  • The meeting must be conducted in English.
  • The meeting organizers must disclose all types of additional sponsorship to EASL.
  • Non-profit, industry-independent, academic groups, medical associations, national medical societies and international organization are eligible to apply.
  • No honoraria shall be given to invited faculty of the meeting. Funding should cover solely travel arrangements and/or meal allowances.
  • The proposed meeting must not compete with any other EASL activities, in terms of topic/scientific programme, location and date.
  • The scope of the meeting shall be non-for-profit.


Operational aspects

  • All sponsorship request should be addressed to the EASL Office.
  • Applications are submitted online throughout the year. All documents are to be submitted exclusively in English.
  • EASL sponsorship can be granted once the quality of meeting scientific content is ascertained and approved by the Scientific Committee of the EASL Governing Board.
  • Applications for event sponsorship are reviewed by the EASL Scientific Committee.
  • The final evaluation/approval of the requests will be provided by the GB Executives.
  • Applications should include (mandatory information and documents):
    • Preliminary programme and list of speakers
    • Event information (title, date, location)
    • Official letter - request of sponsorship addressed to the EASL Governing Board
    • List of sponsors/event supporters, including details on the sponsorship amount or contributions in kind
    • Itemized budget listing the main expenses and income sources of the event in line with the non-for-profit scope of the meeting
    • Declaration of non-for-profit scope of the meeting, available for download on the EASL website

By submitting an application, the meeting organizers agree that the EASL Governing Board reviews the preliminary scientific programme of the meeting and provides feedback to the meeting organizers suggesting topics, talks and speakers, where applicable.

Responsibilities of the EASL Office

  • Sponsored meetings will be advertised by EASL through its communications channels.
    • Minimum 1 post on the EASL bi-weekly newsletter
    • 1 or 2 Facebook posts targeting the followers of the EASL – The Home of Hepatology page
    • 2 or 3 tweets or retweets by the official twitter account @EASLnews
    • Place on the calendar on the EASL website
  • EASL Office will provide the meeting organizers with the EASL logo (web and print version).
  • EASL Office is unable to provide statistics on social media promotion. No digital promotion is available during March, April and August.

Responsibilities of the meeting organiser

  • The organizers will provide the EASL Office with
    • Sponsorship form, provided by the EASL Office, along with invoice for the awarded amount
    • Full event title, location, dates and venue of the meeting
    • Official website address
    • Scientific programme and upcoming deadlines
    • Social media information i.e. Twitter handle, Facebook page, hashtags
    • a high-resolution logo/banner that can be used to illustrate the sponsored event
    • Accounting reports after the meeting
    • Post-meeting evaluation report provided by the EASL Office
    • EASL logo should appear in the meeting materials and meeting website and shall be linked to

      The organizers will provide the EASL Office with:


    The meeting should promote EASL activities on education. research and advocacy. This may be achieved by:
    • Complimentary space/booth at the exhibition
    • Display EASL brochures/slides onsite during the sponsored event
    • Promotional mailers to the delegates
    • Video presentation about EASL, its services and benefits


    1. Incorporate the “EASL Sponsored Event” logo on all communication tools related to the event and will ensure that EASL is mentioned on the webpage of the event.
    2. The association's insignia (logo) and name is a registered trademark and the property of EASL. They cannot be used in any way, for any purpose or at any time (including but not limited to announcements, invitations, emails, Web publications, etc.) without the expressed written permission of EASL.
    3. The “EASL Sponsored Event” logo is granted solely for use in official documents and online activities related to the EASL sponsored event
    4. The insignia can only be used as designated and must be approved by EASL. Any use of the EASL brand name should be approved by the EASL Office. A copy or sample of any such material produced by affiliate groups for public relations or public information must be sent to the EASL Office for informational purposes.

Download the Non-profit-declaration-statement.

Questions regarding EASL event endorsement and sponsorship programme, should be sent to