Co-organised events - London 30 Sep to 01 Oct, 2017

Definition, therapeutic advances and clinical endpoints in alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis

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Welcome to the second EASL-AASLD joint meeting.

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This joint EASL-AASLD meeting focuses on alcoholic liver disease, one of the most common etiologies of liver disease that has no effective therapy. Advancements in basic research have contributed to better understanding of disease pathology, however, translation of those finding is lagging. The high mortality and prevalence of ALD and alcoholic hepatitis indicate a glaring need for therapies for this patient population. Recent clinical networks in Europe and in the US highlight the emerging attention on alcoholic liver disease in hepatology. Preclinical studies have identified multiple emerging therapeutic targets and translation of those findings to human clinical trials is on the horizon. However, the field is limited due to remaining questions on disease definition, determinants of optimal clinical trials, and meaningful end-points in the assessment of experimental interventions.

This joint meeting will bring together the major stakeholders in the area of alcoholic liver disease to combine expertize of scientists, clinicians, regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical interest to define new directions, discuss clinical trial design and evaluate clinical end-points in alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis. It is envisioned that this meeting will be the first of a potential series of meetings on this topic to assure progress in this critical space.

Who should attend?

Clinicians, researchers, industry, biotech companies, patient advocacy groups.