Monothematic Conference - Oslo 09-11 June, 2017

Cholangiocytes in health and disease: from basic science to novel treatments



On behalf of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), we are delighted to welcome you to Oslo for the EASL Monothematic Conference “CHOLANGIOCYTES IN HEALTH AND DISEASE: FROM BASIC SCIENCE TO NOVEL TREATMENTS”.

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The bile duct epithelial cells (i.e. cholangiocytes) are key players in normal liver physiology. However, they are also the target of a diverse group of diseases termed cholangiopathies, which include:

i) immune-mediated cholangitis
ii) cholangitis caused by infectious agents
iii) cholangiopathies with a genetic background
iv) and those associated with vascular alterations
v) idiopathic
vi) neoplastic
vii) metabolic or
viii) drug-induced causes.

These diseases represent an important challenge for clinicians and a severe burden for patients and their families.

In the last ten years, intense investigations have contributed to a better understanding of causes and mechanisms underlying these diseases and have led to new potential therapies. Thus, in the coming years, we are in the position of redefining the expectations for the clinical management of biliary disorders.

The conference will address major novel findings on the pathophysiology of biliary diseases and bile acid metabolism; implications of the gains in knowledge on the current and future clinical practice will be discussed. It will be the perfect venue for young scientists and clinicians to present their work and listen to key opinion leaders about what will be important in science and in clinics in the coming years.

Learning Objectives

Update and expand the knowledge on the pathophysiology of biliary diseases and bile acid metabolism, and the new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Topics to be covered

Participants will learn about the development of the biliary tree, morphological features of cholangiocytes and their role in normal liver physiology and in the metabolism/homeostasis of bile acids. Moreover, the clinical features of cholangiopathies and the molecular mechanism triggering their development will be covered in detail, as well as new emerging diagnostic and therapeutic tools

Biliary tree, anatomy and 3D structure, bioengineering, cholangiocyte pathophysiology, immunity, genetics, carcinogenesis, cholangiocarcinoma, clinical practice, biomarkers, diseases management.

Why attend

The conference will be a unique opportunity to have a complete overview of the most important aspects of cholangiocytes pathophysiology and bile acid metabolisms, highlighting the most recent findings and new diagnostic and therapeutic options. Moreover, future perspective in basic and clinical science will be indicated.

  • 3 days of cutting edge clinical and basic research on cholangiocytes
  • Latest advances in biliary disorders management
  • Gather and network with renowned specialists

Target Audience

  • Basic and Translational Scientists
  • Clinical researchers
  • Hepatologists
  • Young researchers and trainees
  • Health professionals

Scientific Programme

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