Endorsed Event - Paris 22-23 July, 2017

4th International HIV/Viral hepatitis co-infection meeting


The Rocky Road to Viral Hepatitis Elimination: Assuring access to antiviral therapy for ALL co-infected patients from low to high income settings

Building on the previous three successful annual meetings, the 4th International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting will bring together a diversity of scientific, technical and community interests to discuss current opportunities and challenges for increased prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis in people living with HIV.

While the focus of the 3rd International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting was on medical and access challenges in low- and middle-income settings in particular, the 4th meeting will also take advantage of the meeting location in Europe to explore the reality faced by people co-infected with HIV and viral hepatitis in high-income countries and across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It will also be an opportunity to take stock of some of the scientific breakthroughs and brainstorm on concrete actions to support the WHO targets in their sector strategies.

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