Monothematic Conference - Ljubljana 25-26 November, 2016

Nutrition in liver disease



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Alcohol and obesity are two major causes for fatty liver disease, today the most common chronic liver disease in the Western world. The Ljubljana conference will focus on these types of nutrition-induced hepatopathies, but also parenteral nutrition-induced cholestasis and liver disease will be addressed. On the other hand, acute and chronic liver disease as well as cholestasis affect the nutritional status by reducing appetite and intestinal absorption, by impairing digestion and by altering metabolism. Both the underlying mechanisms as well as the clinical consequences (“How to feed such patients?”) will be topics of the two-days meeting. Well-known experts in the field coming across Europe and beyond will present the State-of-the Art of these most relevant and latest themes and will answer to your questions. The conference is also a good possibility to visit Ljubljana, one of the most interesting cities of the Balkans, the capital of Slovenia, which became EU member in 2004. Ljubljana integrates German/Austrian (former name “Laibach”) and Italian (“Lubiana”) history; in 1991 the city became independent. People believe that “Ljubljana” origins from “ljubljena”, the Croatian word for “beloved” city. Because of the place, the hospitable people, and of course because of the outstanding scientific program you should come to Ljubljana, November 25-26th, 2016. We look forward to see you there!

Targeted audience
Hepatologists, physicians with interest in Hepatology and nutrition, translational and clinical researchers, health professionals, young trainees.
Why attend

  • 2 days of world-class seminars on nutrition in liver diseases.
  • Gather and network with renowned specialists.

Covered topics
Patient management and nutrition in: Alcoholic liver disease, NAFLD, IFALD and PNALD, cirrhosis, ALF, biliary diseases and fibrosis.

CME Accreditation

CME Accreditation