Monothematic Conference - Porto 17-18 June, 2016

Liver fibrosis: the next goal of targeted therapy?


On behalf of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), we are delighted to welcome to Porto for the EASL Monothematic Conference on "Liver Fibrosis: the next goal of targeted therapy?".

More than 30 years of intense research activity on this topic have brought major advances in the understanding and the clinical management of the fibrogenic process common to most chronic liver diseases. There are however many aspects that certainly deserve further attention. Our  conference is dedicated to all the current key areas of research in liver fibrogenesis and will focus on a number of open issues requiring further scientific efforts. The role of genetic/epigenetic factors and of the immune system, and the reversibility of fibrosis and methodologies for the identification of more reliable targets for drug development will represent some of the hot topics to be covered.

Young scientists are particularly encouraged to participate and will have the opportunity to present their original results during a dedicated session. The format is intended to generate active interactions and discussion between basic scientists and clinicians, and to foster future collaborative efforts to better understand the pathogenesis of tissue fibrosis in chronic liver disease. Ultimately, to improve patient management.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our conference and have a great time in Porto.

Target Audience

  • Hepatologists.

  • Physicians with interest in Hepatology.

  • Basic Scientists

  • Health professionals.

  • Young researchers and trainees.

Why Attend

  • 2 days of cutting edge clinical and basic research on Fibrogenesis.

  • The latest on NASH diagnosis and management.

  • 8 sessions covering the latest on Fibrosis and Cirrhosis diagnosis and management.

  • Gather and network with renowned  top scientists and specialists.

  • Share and discuss your latest results.

Covered Topics

Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, Etiology, Genetics and Epigenetics, Immunity, Inflammation, Disease modelling, Therapeutics approaches

CME Accreditation