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The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) has acquired an asset of 11.11% of MULTIWEBCAST (known as THE MULTILEARNING GROUP) to enhance the level of online educational material generated by the MULTILEARNING GROUP for EASL since 2005.

Through this investment, EASL is paving the way for associations who wish to become independent in providing services to their targeted audience, in this case for EASL in providing State-of-the-Art online educational services to their members.

7 years of collaboration between EASL and the MULTILEARNING Group has resulted in the creation of many online educational concepts that are now available to other associations. All online educational projects developed by the MULTILEARNING Group are delivered according to high ethical standards backed by EASL who has assessed their management and financial records.

The MULTILEARNING Group is the most advanced entity in the field and their advanced educational tools coupled with the strategies EASL has implemented are directly related to some of the success EASL has experienced since 2005. (EASL has more than doubled its membership during this time).

EASL will significantly increase its contribution to the association world in the field of online education. Through this investment, both parties are proudly witnessing the culmination of seven years collaboration.

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