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Hepatology Opportunities Platform

Job offers in clinical and basic Hepatology. Open positions for clinical and post-doctoral training.

The aim of the EASL Hepatology Opportunities Platform (HOP) is to offer medical students and experts across Europe the opportunity to participate in research activities and exchanges across the world.

This platform is also to be used to showcase available positions for basic researchers in Hepatology. Basic research labs are invited to post their openings for post-doctoral researchers here. Opportunities are not restricted to medical school abroad, but also include any laboratories working in the field of basic, translational and clinical Hepatology. Opportunities for clinical or research activities at a medical school abroad however may include experiences available through accepting students for month-long placements or sending students for month-long placements or exchanges abroad. Announcements for senior positions can also be made via this platform.

Those interested are encouraged to post their Hepatology opportunities or requests for research via the form below so that the opportunity can be displayed on the ‘Exchange Board’ below.
Candidates are invited to view the ‘Exchange Board’ and to make direct contact with the institutes listed.